Body Massage Oil 按摩油

Premium Lymph Natural Massage Oil 頂級通淋巴天然香薰按摩油 (100ml)

Massage Oil (按摩油)

It is a product of France with elements of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass & Ginger.  It is the natural essential oil effective in promoting lymphatic blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and speed up metabolism.  Relieve muscular pain and fatigue, stimulate decompression.  It is easy to feel relaxed, energetic, good phsical and mental health.  To use it together with magnetic massager, it will have even better slimming and relaxing effects.  (Original Price: HK$148/bottle)

按摩油能有效促進淋巴血液循環,強化免疫系統,加速新陳代謝,幫助消除肌肉疲勞及加強身心健康。「頂級通淋巴天然香薰按摩油」從法國入口,成份是由四種天然植物 (迷迭香、尤加利、檸檬草及薑) 製煉而成,具自然清香,容易被皮膚吸收,潤滑而不油膩,能有效促進淋巴血液循環,強化免疫系統及加速新陳代謝。配合磁叉一起用作通淋巴、去水腫、舒緩肌肉酸痛,相得益彰!(原價:HK$148/支)

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頂級通淋巴天然香薰按摩油 (100ml樽裝) (原價HK$148/支)Premium Lymph Natural Massage Oil (100ml/bottle) HK$128
頂級通淋巴天然香薰按摩油 (10ml輕便裝) (原價HK$30/支)Premium Lymph Natural Massage Oil (10ml Portable Size) HK$25

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