Essential Oils (香薰精油)

They help ease headaches and migraines, relieve muscular and joint pain.  They are ideal for relaxation.  Increasing circulation and maintaining general well being.  Good insect repellent.  Our awakening formula is effective in giving you clear-headed  and avoidance of early dementia while our sweet sleeping formula is effective in faciliating you to have good sleeping at night.



Special Recommendation: Awakening and Sweet Sleeping Formula


Memory will easily deteriorate when ageing.  Yet, there is an awakening forumlar for stimulating our sensory and brain cells for slowing down the deterioration of our brain so as to improve the cognition and to prevent dementia.  Besides, there is a sweet sleeping formular for relaxation as well as improving our sleeping at night so as to improve insomnia and to have a refreshing day after having a good sleeping.

人年紀大左,自然會記性差,但正常年紀大的記性差是不應該惡化的,不過如患有認知障礙症,就會有記憶力、判斷力、思考能力衰退等問題,就會影響到日常生活及自理能力。研究發現,患有認知障礙症的長者會在某程度上喪失嗅覺功能, 故此若嗅覺神經細胞不斷的被刺激,可減慢腦退化的速度,香薰治療針對刺激嗅覺神經細胞,明顯有效改善認知障礙症的情況。對於腦退化,使用以下幾種純天然香薰精可以明顯改善認知障礙問題。此外,香薰亦能有效舒緩壓力,幫助睡眠,改善失睡的情況。

其精油配方如下 :

白天 :「提神醒腦」精油配方

  •   純天然迷迭香2份 + 純天然檸檬1份 ( 2 : 1 ) ,白天連續嗅至少一小時


  •   純天然薰衣草2份+ 純天然甜橙1份 ( 2 : 1 ) ,晚上睡前一小時前開始使用


Our company is selling different types of"Pure Natural Essential Oil" which are produced by 100% of natural plants.  They are the products of France.  There are different kinds of functions provided by various types of essential oils.  The followings are the effects of 12 types of essential oil:


Natural Essential Oil

Pure Essential Oil



Pure Bergamot

It can be used as air freshener, which smells fresh with slightly floral for relaxing, balancing oil secretion, reducing pore sizes and body odor. It also improves digestion and reproductive system, with a very good antibacterial effect

Do not use for Sunbathing

Pure Eucalyptus

Prevent respiratory infections; alleviates the effects from bronchitis, asthma, cold. Prevent flue, stabilize emotion and help concentration

Avoid using at the time of pregnancy

Pure Frankincense

Prevents bronchitis/asthma, eczema and reduces stretch marks and skin lines, eliminates cystitis and it is antibacterial


Pure Rose Geranium

Appropriate for lymphatic massage and detox, regulate hormone and releases tension and stress


Pure Ginger

Stimulate spirit and improve memory and thinking.  Relieve pain from cramp, arthritis, muscle aches.  Alleviate cough and phlegm.  Improve dizziness caused by transportation

Not suitable for Sensitive Skin

Pure Lavender

Fresh & clean aroma, eliminate nervous tension.  Help calm and relaxed.  Relieve pain and enhance blood circulation         

Not suitable for low-blood

pressure and early pregnancy

Pure Lemon

Fresh & clean aroma, eliminate nervous tension.  Help calm, relaxed and relieve pain.

Remove dead cells & brighten dull complexion. Accelerate blood circulation,

promote collagen and production.  Lighten melanin & purify oily skin

Not suitable for sensitive skin.   Do not expose to sunlight after use

Pure Lemon Grass

Distinct lemon flavor and citrusy aroma.  Relief from stomach disorders, insomnia, respiratory disorders.  Protect against antibiotic-resistant, Staphylococcus aureus.  Maintain healthy skin and immune system


Pure Orange

Distinct orange flavor & citrusy aroma.  Eliminate nervous tension.  Help calm and relaxed, relief from muscular pain, stomach disorders, insomnia.  Protect against virus infection.  Prevent constipation & diarrhea.  Help digestion

Do not use before sunbathing

Pure Peppermint

Clear mind, refreshing, prevent dizzy, soothe respiratory system, and suitable for oily skin.

Not suitable for Dry Skin

Pure Rosemary

Relieve pain, headache, dizziness & limb numbness.  Reduce anemia, cold and stomach pain.  Enhance memory & keep clear mind.  Improve the tense mood

Not suitable for user with Epilepsy & high blood pressure.  Do not use when pregnant

Tea Tree

Resisting bacteria and relieving pain, preventing cold, the mucous membrane inflammation, measles, candidiasis and the reproductive organ infection and so on.  Also can have the function of anti-depression, fresh-mindset and energy restoration.


Awakening Formula

stimulating our sensory and brain cells for slowing down the deterioration of our brain so as to improve the cognition and to prevent dementia


Sweet Sleeping Formula

for relaxation as well as improving our sleeping at night so as to improve insomnia and to have a refreshing day after having a good sleeping





- Avoid contact with eyes

- For external use only

- Do not mix it with the materials containing the components of the iron or iodine.

- If any allergic reaction, stop immediately

- Consult health care professional if needed

- Avoid direct sunlight

- Keep out of reach of children


Special Discount:  There is 20% off for Essential Oil in January 2020.  This special offer just for those paid by bank transfer or bought directly at our showroom.  


本公司出售的「純天然香薰精油」是採用100% 純天然材料製煉而成,從法國入口。多款香薰精油各具「自然療法」不同功效,分別能幫助人體鬆弛神經,平衡身體機能,增強免疫力,預防感冒,幫助記憶預防腦退化,舒緩失眠,驅蚊及殺菌等作用!現向大家介紹其部份香薰精油的功能給大家參考:








可作空氣清新劑, 略帶花香; 氣味清新, 讓人放鬆心情, 亦能平衡油脂分泌, 收斂毛孔, 除體臭, 改善消化不良和生殖系統症, 有很好的抑菌功效




預防呼吸道感染, 緩解支氣管炎, 氣喘, 傷風, 預防流行性感冒, 使情緒穩定, 注意力集中



預防支氣管炎/氣喘, 濕疹, 減少妊娠紋及皮膚細紋,膀胱炎, 抗菌



強化循環系統, 可用於淋巴按摩, 幫助排毒; 調節荷爾蒙, 紓解壓力



剌激精神, 助記憶力, 活化思維; 舒緩抽筋, 解關節炎, 肌肉疼痛, 咳嗽, 痰多, 舟車暈浪



新鮮清潔的香氣, 消除神經緊張, 幫助平靜和放鬆; 緩解疼痛及增強血液循環



新鮮清潔的香氣, 消除神經緊張; 幫助平靜和放鬆, 緩解疼痛; 去除死細胞和變暗膚色; 加速血液循環, 促進膠原蛋白生產, 減輕黑色素和淨化油性皮膚

不適合敏感肌膚, 使用後不要暴露在陽光下


獨特的檸檬風味和柑橘香氣; 緩解胃部疾病, 失眠, 呼吸障礙; 防止抗生素抗性金黃色葡萄球菌; 保持健康的皮膚和免疫系統



獨特的橙味和柑橘香, 消除神經緊張; 幫助平靜和放鬆; 緩解肌肉疼痛, 胃部疾病, 失眠; 保護免受病毒感染; 預防便秘和腹瀉, 幫助消化



使頭腦清晰, 精神爽利,止頭暈, 暢通呼吸道, 適合油性皮膚使用



緩解疼痛, 頭痛, 頭暈和肢體麻木; 減少貧血, 感冒和胃痛, 疼痛; 增強內存和保持清晰心神; 改善緊張的心情

不適合癲癇患者及高血壓, 懷孕時不要使用


抗菌鎮痛,預防感冒、 黏膜炎、疹、念珠菌及生殖器官感染等,亦能抗沮喪,頭腦清新及恢復活力



香薰治療針對刺激嗅覺神經細胞, 明顯有效改善認知障礙症的情況; 對於腦退化, 使用以下幾種純天然香薰精可以明顯改善認知障礙問題



有效舒緩壓力, 幫助睡眠, 改善失睡的情況





- 避免接觸眼睛

- 僅限於外用

- 如果有任何過敏反應,立即停止

- 如果需要的話, 諮詢保健專業

- 避免陽光直射

- 放在兒童接觸不到的地方



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Product 貨品 Price 價錢
Pure Lemon Grass Essential Oil 純檸檬草精油 (10ml) HK$88
Pure Lemon Essential Oil 純檸檬精油 (10ml) HK$88
Pure Orange Essential Oil 純橙精油 (10ml) HK$88
Pure Lavender Essential Oil 純薰衣草精油 (10ml) HK$148
Pure Rosemary Essential Oil 純迷迭香精油 (10ml) HK$148
Pure Peppermint Essential Oil 純薄荷精油 (10ml) HK$148
Pure Ginger Essential Oil 純生薑精油 (10ml) HK$168
Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil 純荼樹精油 (10ml) HK$168
Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil 純尤加利精油 (10ml) HK$198
Pure Bergamot Essential Oil 純佛手柑精油 (10ml) HK$198
Pure Rose Geramium 純玫瑰天竺葵精油 (10ml) HK$248
Premium Frankincense Essential Oil 頂級乳香精油 (10ml) HK$468
Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil 純檀香精油(10ml) HK$468

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