Banksia Scent Pots



 "Banksia Scent Pots" are beautifully handcrafted in Australia.  The Banksia Seeds Pods are hand-picked by licensed workers only.  It is safe air refresher without burning.  Natural, unique and durable.  Fill the scent pots with 3-4 drops of your favorite oil.  The banksia will soak up the oil and scent your room for 2 weeks!

(細型) small size: 6.5cm (width寬) x 5cm (height高), net weight about 淨重約: 105g, HK$128 (售罄 Sold out)

(中型) medium size: 7.5cm (width寬) X 6cm (height高), net weight about 淨重約: 160g, HK$168 (售罄 Sold out)


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Product 貨品 Price 價錢
山龍眼香薰瓶(細型)(售罄) HK$128
山龍眼香薰瓶(中型)(售罄) HK$168

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